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A Special Holiday Message for you!

The 12 days of Kalo-mas!

Day 12:

Day twelve of the countdown brings us to a close, we hope you’ve enjoyed it from your head down to your toes. Make sure you watch it all the way, as Kelsi’s outtake will surely make your day!

Day 11:
For the 11th day of the Countdown, Kalo-mas is creeping, but our head elves they are a leaping…

Day 10:


On the tenth day of the countdown, Slim Chickens brings us this sight, we all know they’ll get the order exactly just right…

Day 9:

On the nineth day of the countdown, we are all set to prepare, all the elf’s gifts have been handled with care…

Day 8:

 On the 8th day of the countdown, What does today bring??? Angelo answering those rings…

Day 7:

On the 7th day of the Countdown, we hope these videos have been inspiring, welcome to Slim Chickens, look who is hiring!

Day 6:

Day six of the Countdown or say a half dozen, warm and fresh, made with love straight from the oven.

Day 5:

The fifth day of the countdown is a bit hard to wrangle, our elves do their best to not end in a tangle…

Day 4:

Day four of the countdown to spread holiday cheers, Angelo shows us how to smile even through the tears…

Day 3:

On day three of the countdown, what do we see? A naughty elf dressing up the unsweet tea!

Day 2:
"On the second day of the countdown, Jersey Mike's gave to me, two elves trimming the tree..."
Day 1:
'Twas the First day of the countdown, and all through the Mike’s the only creature that was stirring was Kim with a knife…
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